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Does your commercial activity produce tons of scrap metal? Do you know scrap metal lying on the property can impact your employees’ health and the environment adversely?

Don’t take chances! Leave the task of collecting and recycling metal lying in your junkyard to a team of experts!

A1 Scrap Metal provide metal scrap recycling service in Melbourne at amazingly great prices. We are a leading scrap metal dealer in Melbourne specialising in sorting, dismantling, collecting and recycling a variety of scrap metal.

Collecting and disposing of scrap metal in a proper and eco-friendly manner in not everyone’s cup of tea! At A1 Scrap Metal, we have a team of skilled technicians who are adept at collecting, sorting and recycling different varieties of scrap like copper, aluminium, lead, bronze, gunmetal, electronic motors and PVC cables without harming the environment and your worker’s health.

Do you have a massive stock of scrap metal? We buy several tons of scrap metal from various industries, construction sites and scrap. We will collect any metal scrap from your property.

In addition to this, we offer competitive prices on all scrap collected. (Prices depend on the purity and condition of the metal)

We collect and recycle the following metals:

Gun Metal
Stainless Steel
Electronic Motors
PVC Cables and Wires

Our extensive fleet of trucks and trailers enables us to collect and transport scrap metal from your property to our scrap yard with ease.

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We offer competitive pricing for your junk scrap.

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Receive professional, efficient and reliable service. We are punctual in our pick up times and payment methods.

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We provide quick scrap collecting services in your location.

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We are a leading towing and scrap metal removal business based in Melbourne.


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Outstanding service. Before calling A1 Scrap Metal, I made mistake by calling another scrap metal company, which made me a false promise of how long it will take to come and tow my car. A1 Scrap Metal team is very professional and provide above and beyond service.
Jack Toasan
From my first inquiry through the  end of the move, the team at A1 Scrap Metal did an amazing job. Not much more you can ask for.  I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. Extremely prompt service!
Shelina Carmona

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