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PVC is popular for its exceptional properties like insulation and sheathing. It has been widely used in a wide range of industries as PVC provides excellent electrical insulation in wires and cables.

At A1 Scrap Metal, we specialise in collection, sorting, transporting and recycling of PVC cables and wire scrap in Melbourne.

Since most cables and wire contain a good amount of copper covered in PVC insulation, it is considered valuable and tends to fetch good prices in the recycling market. Recycling PVC cables and wires also benefits the electronic devices and infrastructure projects which greatly rely on copper for various applications.

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Why Recycle PVC Cables and Wires?

Since, PVC cables and wires contain a high amount of copper,  a natural and non-renewable metal, recycling them becomes essential to prevent the mining of copper and causing severe environmental damage. Moreover, PVC compound is manufactured by extracting fossil oil. Recycling PVC ensures the preservation of natural resources.  The amount of PVC insulation and copper content will depend on the type of cables and wires being discarded.

We recycle the following PVC cable and wire scrap:

  • Household Cables
  • Copper & Aluminium Cables
  • Lead & Copper Cables
  • PVC Bright Cables
  • Bus Looms
  • Tinned Cables
  • SWA Bright and Tinned Cables
  • Low and High-Grade Cables
  • IT Equipment
  • Ethernet (Cat 5) cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Electrical appliance cables
  • Wire for home wiring of power outlets and lights
  • Heavy-duty cable: twin and earth
  • Double-insulated heavy-duty home wiring

Generally, the price of scrap metals depends on its weight and purity.

The dealers usually pay for the pure copper content which can be easily recycled and reused. If you have PVC cables and wires junk lying in your yard – please call A1 Scrap Metal collection and transport of scrap in Australia.

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