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A1 Scrap Metal welcomes all commercial and industrial businesses, dealers and brokers who are looking to sell scrap metals. The majority of materials and debris were normally thrown away during construction jobs or any other manufacturing process usually can be recycled. We offer competitive scrap metal prices to our regular commercial and industrial clients.

Commercial and Industrial Recycling: Let us help you!

Through our scrap metal pickup services, you don’t have to do anything differently than before, other than getting paid top price for your scrap!

As one of the leading scrap metal yard in Melbourne, we’ll handle everything else. We buy industrial scrap from metalworking manufacturers, steel service centres and obsolete scrap from dealers, peddlers, demolition contractors, railroads, ship owners, trucking and equipment leasing companies and other commercial organisations.

If you are looking for commercial scrap metal recycling services in Melbourne then A1 Scrap Metal have all of the ability to accommodate large commercial clients.

We’re looking for:

Your One Stop Scrap Recycling Facility: We Pay Competitive price For Your Scrap

At A1 Scrap Melbourne, we prioritise taking care of business in a way that is effective as well as responsible. From raw materials to finished products, such as junk radiators or electric motors, our scrap yard in Melbourne handle a variety of metals in every combination. But the metal pricing depends on the daily market rates.

Customers always tell us that we pay more than anyone around. With our state-of-the-art technology, we provide a complete analysis of your materials to give you the most for your money. No matter what type of facility you have, we also provide free scrap metal pickup for maximum efficiency.

If you are in need of a scrap metal recycling company in Dandenong, you can contact us. We also provide our scrap metal services in and around Endeavour Hills and Pakenham suburbs.

We are just one call away to provide you all the scrap metal recycling service under one roof.

To get the best price for your Scrap Metal, Contact us today!!